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Peter Ward

Peter’s knack for creativity arose from his childhood hobby of collecting comics and illustrating comic book heroes. At age 13, he expanded his creative mind by entering a vocational technical school in Manhattan, where he studied baking and pastry. From there, Peter attended Johnson & Wales University for two years to embark on what would become a journeyed career of all things baking and cake decorating.

Peter honed his skills in the bakery and the fast paced food service industry working for a catering facility and in-store bakery (ISB) for over 20 years. Learning how to be precise in his craft and get things right the first time, all while working with a team, were valuable lessons Peter gained before transitioning to a new position as a Bakery Technician at Flavor Right, a job he excelled at for the next 14 years.

In 2010, he joined the Rich’s team, where he works with ISB distributors across several different regions and their customers, offering product introductions, demos, ice cream cake seminars and more. His previous experiences have helped him to appreciate, and more effectively work with, all different types of people, no matter their skill level. As much as he is able to teach beginners more efficient ways to maximize their time and productivity, he is able to learn and apply new things from them – and his fellow colleagues in each of their unique passions.

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