to the future of
fresh bakery

The average number of annual Fresh Bakery trips per buyer is just 16, which means there’s a huge opportunity to get more fun, creative, craveable bakery items into shoppers’ weekly cart, both in-store and online.

Let us Help to Increase Frequency
to the In-Store Bakery

The first step to drive frequency and incremental purchases is to start with an honest assessment of your strengths as a bakery & identify your target consumers. Rich’s Future of Fresh Bakery Playbook offers strategic insights you need to elevate the everyday to increase occasions and help you make informed choices & optimize your operations.


Get started with this series and uncover:


1. Data-driven insights

on the future of fresh bakery sales/growth.

2. Creative Solutions

for driving shopper engagement, purchase frequency and loyalty

3. Opportunities to Differentiate

through the lens of Rich’s proprietary in-store fresh bakery shopper segments

4. Podcast Series

With exploration into The Future of Fresh Bakery.
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8 Key Themes for Growth

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Comfort Destination

Beyond special occasions

elevate the everyday

target specific shopper needs

Differentiate your bakery

Two key shoppers

under-developed online

portfolio optimization

Shopper Segment Overview

Opportunity exists across retailer segments with three key shopper segments: Engaged Explorers, Special Treat Seekers, and Health Balancers.
Dive into our SHOPPER SEGMENT OVERVIEW COURSE for deeper understanding of the wide-range of Fresh Bakery shoppers, their lifestyles, needs, and purchasing behaviors.

Engaged Explorer

MANTRA: I don't want to look back on my life and think, "I could have tried that."

Special Treat Seekers

MANTRA: A balanced diet means having a cookie in each hand.

Health Balancer

MANTRA: Food is fuel. Make mind clean please.

Welcome to our new podcast series where we'll explore The Future of Fresh Bakery. We'll dive into key strategies, target shopper segments, inspirations for innovation, and merchandising and ecommerce tips that can help attract and retain shoppers using data and research you can only get from Rich's. Join us on this enlightening journey to the new frontier of in-store bakeries.

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Episode 2

Future of Fresh Bakery: Shopper Segment Deep Dive

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Episode 3

Future of Fresh Bakery: 2024 Trends with Circana Thought Leaders

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Episode 4

Future of Fresh Bakery: Ask the Experts