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Brought to you by Rich’s own culinarians, bakery technicians and industry experts, Rich’s Academy is a free, online training and education platform to help food service professionals build their skills and learn how to properly handle Rich’s products, while providing menu inspiration and trends insights.

Yes! Rich’s Academy is free to sign up and enroll.

Click the LOGIN/SIGN UP button in the navigation bar at the top of the website, and fill in the required form fields to create your free Rich’s Academy account.

Click the LOGIN/SIGN UP button in the navigation bar at the top of the website, and enter your credentials (email address and password) to access your Rich’s Academy account.

Your Rich’s Academy dashboard is conveniently located under your account name at the top of the website. Your dashboard houses all of the courses that you enroll in, and saves your course progress. If you need to stop or pause during a course, no problem – you can pick up right where you left off in your dashboard.

Yes! Rich’s Academy videos are available to view any time, anywhere – whenever is most convenient for you!

Click the SEGMENTS tab in the navigation bar at the top of the website. Choose the business solution that best relates to you. Don’t see an appropriate solution for your industry segment? Let us know, so we can continue to build relevant and up-to-date content that meets your needs.

Courses that qualify for continuing education credit have a representative ribbon icon on the course title card. The course description will also specify the number of continuing education credits the course permits, along with the accreditation organization.

Continuing education credits (CEC) or continuing education units (CEU) are measures used in continuing education programs to assist professionals in maintaining their license in their particular profession, while growing their skills and expanding their industry knowledge with up-to-date trends, insights and learning materials.

After completing a continuing education course, you’ll be presented with a certificate demonstrating your completion and continuing education credit. Simply download the digital certificate to your computer, and click File > Print to print a physical copy.

Yes! You can retake any course and rewatch any video on Rich’s Academy any time you want.

Click the CONTACT US button under the SUPPORT tab in the navigation bar at the top of the website, fill out a contact from with a descriptive message, and we’ll connect you with the right expert as soon as possible.

Culinary Questions

On Top

Yes! On Top can be refrozen after it has been piped. Top off any dessert with On Top, then place it in the freezer to preserve taste and texture.

Yes! Simply cut the large end of the On Top bag, squeeze it into a mixing bowl, add color and gently fold in. OR, open the bag according to the instructions, turn the bag so the seam is facing up and gently squeeze the side of the bag with your thumb and forefinger to move the On Top Whipped Topping out of the way, creating a channel. Move the piping tip aside, and slide a straw down the channel that you created. Drop food coloring down the straw and gently remove the straw to spread the food coloring up the channel. Remove the straw and either replace the tip or repeat on the opposite side.

On Top must be thawed under refrigeration.


Parbaked means the dough product has been partially baked in the plant (approximately 85% baked) and needs to be finished baking in your oven.

If you don’t have a proof box, thaw the dough overnight in the cooler, according to the dough’s instructions. Remove the dough from the cooler and let it sit at room temperature until it has doubled in size. Using a speed rack, place a pan of boiling water on the rack beneath the dough and cover the speed rack with a speed rack bag to retain warmth and moisture.

When the proofed dough has doubled in size, it is ready to bake. We recommend using the tap test method to determine whether the dough is ready to bake. Using a floured finger, gently tap the dough in a few spots to check for resistance. If the dough holds a slight indentation after tapping, it is ready to bake.

If your bread is wrinkling after proofing or baking, this means the dough was overproofed. Overproofed dough collapses due to weakened gluten structure and excessive gas production, when there is too much moisture in the proofer and the dough cools too fast.

While it’s not recommended, dough can be refrozen after it has been completely proofed.


Rich’s pizza dough is extremely versatile, with the ability to be transformed into calzones, stromboli, bread sticks, garlic knots, bread bowls, fried dough and more – the possibilities are as wide as your imagination!

Fresh pizza dough can be topped and stored under refrigeration for up to 1½ hours, or at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes. Our frozen (freezer to oven) pizza dough can be topped and placed back in the freezer, as long as the dough hasn’t thawed during the time spent topping.


The shelf life of any Rich’s product can be found on our website, at The product shelf life is also indicated on most spec sheets.

Head to or connect with your local Rich’s representative to find product recipes, inspiration and more.

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