Technical Counselor

Luis Martinez

Raised in a family of devout bakers and decorators, Luis was inspired by their craft from a young age. Heavily influenced by his uncles, one of whom owned four Old World artisan scratch bakeries in Southern California, Luis grew to love being in the bakery. He looked up to his family members, and wanted to be just as skilled as them.

Luis went from working in the bakery on summer vacations when he was in school to working in the bakery full time as an adult. His career as a Bakery Technician began in July of 2002 when he was hired by Richs. Beyond baking, Luis decorates cakes, trains bakery associates and has also taken on sales responsibilities for Rich’s. He travels across the country, teaching the fundamentals of working with frozen dough and leading cake seminars from basic to advanced skills for Rich’s customers.

Luis finds great joy in being able to help better prepare associates in the bakery and give them confidence in their work. In 20 years of traveling throughout the country, as well as overseas, Luis has had the opportunity to train a number of individuals, witnessing their bright faces when learning a new skill or creating something brilliant with their own hands. He takes pride and reward in providing them with the Rich’s family experience.

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