Bakery Team Lead

Crystalyn Scott

AAS Baking and Pastry, Johnson & Wales University
PC-1 ProChef Certification, Culinary Institute of America

Crystalyn Scott studied pharmaceutical sciences right after high school – and although she had a love for chemistry and sciences, this wasn’t where she wanted to be. Her mom asked her what made her truly happy, and that answer was simple and immediate: baking. She decided to combine her passion for science with her love of baking and earned an associates degree in Baking and Pastry Arts at Johnson & Wales University. Crystalyn spent most of her time in the kitchen growing up – cooking daily, enjoying holiday gatherings, and baking for church bake sales.

After graduation, Crystalyn decided to take her career path in a direction where creativity was encouraged. She learned and honed new skills creating ice cream wedding cakes and new flavor variations at a national ice cream company. Upon moving to Nashville, she immediately dove into baking at a large resort, but realized something was still missing.

Crystalyn then started working at an in-store bakery as a Bakery Manager for 12 years. There, she found a love for teaching and coaching not only new associates, but also local elementary students that took field trips to the bakery department at her store. Crystalyn loved watching the kids' eyes light up as they decorated cakes together.

She joined the team at Rich’s in 2016 as a culinary manager covering everything from street sales and convenience stores to K-12 regional accounts and national accounts. In 2024, Crystalyn took on a new role, leading the In-Store Bakery technical and digital team. Creativity is by far her favorite part of her job. “With our products, you can take any one product and turn it into a million different things. It goes as far as your creativity wants to take it.”

Crystalyn still enjoys decorating multi-layered cakes for special occasions, blending creativity with tradition. She has found her favorite moments are spent baking with her children, crafting new recipes and “comfort baking” cakes, pies, and their family favorite – cut-out cookies.

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