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Dawn Sweezey

Dawn’s inquisitiveness as a young grocery store associate led her to where she is today, as an esteemed Cake Decorator for Rich Products. It all began at a grocery chain in Dallas, Texas, where she was the gourmet cheese shop manager. Always captivated by the beautifully decorated cakes and pastries in the bakery department, Dawn would often find herself picking up a pastry bag. Inspired by a cake decorator there who became a teacher and mentor to her, she gained a true passion and talent for cake decorating – so much so, she took on decorating as her full-time career. Dawn then transitioned into management, running the bakery and the deli.

After spending several years in the grocery industry, Dawn began working for a broker that introduced her to Rich’s, whom the broker represented. Dawn’s impressive resume and enthusiasm landed her a spot on the Rich’s team as a Technical Counselor, and she has since made an immense impact on the company in a leadership capacity for almost 15 years, for which she was recognized as recipient of the 2021 IDDBA (International Deli Dairy Bakery Association) Champion of Change Award.

Dawn’s day-to-day looks different just about every week at Rich’s, as she wears many hats. Dawn is the Topping and Icing Specialists Coordinator. The Topping and Icing Specialists are talented decorators from our broker partners who are an extension of our Rich’s technical team. Dawn performs hands-on cake decorating trainings and store walks at in store bakeries, plans food shows, and so much more behind the scenes in Rich’s In Store Bakery department. Fueled by her desire to see her associates and their stores thrive, Dawn has a special knack for preparing easy-to-execute creations that evoke artistry for any skill level.

Humble in her craft, Dawn’s peers will be the first to tout her awe-inspiring talent. While she can easily crank out over 150 single layer cakes in a day, Dawn prefers to put her skills to use with creations that require more time and careful attention to detail. She loves the rewarding feeling that comes with training store associates and watching them get just as excited as her about decorating.

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