Technical Counselor

Amanda Stamler

Amanda’s baking story stems back to her time working at the local grocery store bakery as a teenager. In between her time earning a certificate in accounting at Dover Business College and pursuing an associate degree in fashion at Berkeley College, Amanda fell in love with her work in the bakery. She continued to hone her skills in the grocer bakery for almost ten years.

From there, she took her first Bakery Technician position at Country Home Bakers, where she learned a great deal while making professional connections that would eventually introduce her to Rich’s. In 2015, Amanda joined the Rich’s team as a Technical Counselor.

Amanda’s job looks very different depending on the day – she may be traveling, training, participating in cake decorating seminars or bakery grand openings, creating her own training and recipe videos, or ideating bakery trends and inspiration. Her favorite part? Cake decorating. Amanda enjoys teaching brand new decorators all of her hard-learned techniques. She loves that her Rich’s role allows her to help grocery stores combat low labor issues with innovative products and hands-on training.

Amanda’s growing passion for her work in the bakery sets her apart. She’s taken ahold of each and every experience she’s had – from baking and decorating 400 cakes in a day, to at-home pizza recipe experimenting – to round out her portfolio and knowledge base. She gets to share her creativity and expertise through her training and industry innovation.

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